The Art of Marc

Marc Barr artAside from teaching digital animation, composing and applied media aesthetics in the Department of Electronic Media Communication, Marc Barr has been working for more than 20 years combining technology and traditional art processes. An award-winning ceramicist, Barr creates textured, sculptural teapots, mugs and dinnerware.

Barr first came to MTSU in 1989 as an assistant professor in the Department of Art, yet he transferred to EMC in 1992. He also serves as the chair of Education for ACM/SIGGRAPH, which is short for the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. Each year, the association hosts an annual conference for computer professionals.

Barr’s sculptures boast imagery that begins with an array of computer-manipulated photographs and drawings, which are then turned into stencils and engravings.

“The screen printing is done with colored underglazes and slips, and the textural surfaces are created with a process utilizing photopolymer materials,” Barr explained. His goal when creating these sculptures is to create a piece that can serve a functional purpose, has good balance and feels comfortable in the hand.

Marc Barr

Marc Barr

“I enjoy the cup form and tea sets, items of everyday use and one of the first things everyone makes when beginning to work with clay,” Barr said. “They are among the most sensual things we make and use. They must be pleasing to the eye, nose, hand and mouth.”

As for the future, Barr said, “I do this because I enjoy it. So as long as I have the physical ability and continue to find it challenging and rewarding, I plan to continue.” TLE

By Emily Hill

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