Industry insiders get a “First Look” at EMC student talent

First Look Billy Pittard 2014

EMC Chair Billy Pittard introduces the second annual First Look, showcasing student works.

MTSU’s Department of Electronic Media Communication held its second annual “First Look” media festival at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville on May 8. Industry professionals from across the state were invited to view a compilation of this year’s best student work in film, news, video, photography, animation and new media.

Hosted by EMC Chair Billy Pittard, this year’s First Look featured more than 70 student works; several recently have won awards on the local and national level. In April, Electronic Media Journalism students brought home top honors at the Tennessee Associated Press College Awards, and EMC Productions was nominated in May for a College Sports Media Award. The video documentary Sbocciare was awarded Best of Festival by The Broadcast Educational Association Festival of Media Arts and was featured at the BEA’s annual Las Vegas convention this past April. Sbocciare’s director, Jaclyn Edmonson, said the documentary grew from an assignment to film working artists during her time in Italy with EMC’s study-abroad program.

The idea of the First Look event was brought to MTSU by Professor Tom Neff, an Oscar nominee, Emmy winner and founder of the Documentary Channel. Neff had established a similar program at the University of Southern California while a student earning his M.F.A. He produced this year’s event along with Michael Forbes, EMC’s assistant director of technical systems.

The official selections for the 2014 First Look event are:

  • Short film Inspiration by Luke Harvey
  • 2D animation montage featuring Catapult by Brandon Berry; Cat Pounce by Salem Powell; Fire Dancer by Alex Williams; Golf by Trevor Ball; Hamster Run by Quin Smith and Raphael Williams; Scene from Escargot by Brandon Berry, Jessie Childs and Ben Pendragon; Four Legged Bounce by Fabienne Duteau; Sword Swish by Jacob Loper; Goldfish Bounce by Sarah Johnson; Gerbil Hiding by Megan Tower; Scene from Looking for a Meal by Salem Powell; Sword Fight by Greg Stedman; Kid with Bat and Ball by DeWard Lee; Squishy Thing by Kattika Prapajit; Hindu Goddess by Megan Tower; Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT! by Zack Wells; Drag Race by DeWard Lee; Alien and Cow by Jordan Hawkins; Cat Porn by Andie Ayotee; Are You Suggesting Coconuts Migrate? by Julie Alter; Green Ball Biff by Kristina Soles; Flame and Smoke by Julie Alter; Cat Burglar by Alex Williams; Rise and Shine by Ben Pendragon; Girl Fight by Andie Ayotte
  • First Look screening 2014Stop motion animation montage featuring Jus by Quin Smith and Raphael Williams; Snack n’ Stuff by Jared Moore, Ryan Urban and Charlene Weatherford; Mastodon by Brandon Berry, Tim Graham and Ben Pendragon; Wu Drank by Andie Ayotte and Trevor Ball; Paramouse by Jessie Childs and Kattika Prapajit; Winners Gear by Michael Cappelletti and Daniel Phannamvong; Chad Rockinsocsky’s Hoopty Motors by Megan Tower and Alex Williams; Rabie Spray by Deward Lee, Jacob Loper and Greg Stedman; 8 Bits by Jordan Hawkins, Tim Graham and Zack Wells; Wonder Book by Kattika Prapajit, Jake Thomas, Ryan Urban and Charlene Weatherford
  • Another Day in the Woods, an animation short created by Alex Baldwin
  • 3D animation montage including Lip Sync – V for Vendetta by Shayna Strong, Still Life –Utility Device by Daniel Owens, Still Life – Headphones by Kattika Prapajit, Brundle Model – Alligator/Butterfly by Victoria Womack, Still Life – Walkie–Talkies by David Henley, Helper-Bot by Erin Thompson, Still Life – iPod Mini by Derek Barnes, Brundle Model –Wasp/Squid by Megan Steadman, Toast-Bot by Andie Ayotte, Still Life – Screwdriver Set by Erin Thompson, Still Life – Tattoo Machine by Josh Ranchino, Sprinkle-bot by Daniel Owens, Brundle Model –Squid/Shark by Derek Barnes, Still Life – Bamboo Pen, Pen & Mouse by Kelsie Richards, Model-Mao by Preston Nails, Still Life-Star, Grip and Dagger by Raphael Williams, DinoPolice by Kattika Prapajit, Still Life-Guitar by Andie Ayotte, Brundle-Frog/Snail by Daniel Owens, Still Life – PS2 Controller by Victoria Womack, Lip Sync-The Dark Knight by Kattika Prapajit
  • Short videos The Exchange directed by Michael Welsh, The Bird Man written and directed by Samuel Ryan Willey, Time Musheen written and directed by Jesse Baker, Sins of the Father directed by Jordan Powell
  • Music videos Turtles All the Way Down directed by Sturgill Simpson and Time Bomb created by Samantha Young
  • Live music mobile production class sampler from the EMC and Recording Industry classes.
  • Live sports production montage featuring volleyball, soccer, baseball, football and basketball games
  • News feature Justice for Holly reported, written and edited by Chris Davis and produced and written by Kelsey Lubechuck
  • Excerpt from the video documentary Il Maestro written and directed by Samuel Ryan Willey
  • Excerpt from the video documentary Streets of Florence by director Phillip Lee Dixon
  • Documentary short Sbocciare directed by Jaclyn Edmonson
  • Still photographs by Hannah Allen, Amber Burns, Chanelle Despins, Cathrine Freeman, Christopher Hamrick, Russ Humensky, Leigh Koger, Beth Russell and Caleb Smotherman

To view the exemplary student work showcased at First Look, click here. To learn more about the Electronic Media Communication, please visit

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