Diane Fox unveils “UnNatural History” at Baldwin Gallery

Diane Fox returns to MTSU with a thought-provoking photography exhibit entitled “UnNatural History.”

MonkeyUsing images taken from zoos, natural history museums and taxidermy shops all over the world, Fox’s collection boldly explores the way society objectifies nature and animals, leading to a disconnect in modern-day human/animal relationships.

“UnNatural History” is on display in the Baldwin Photographic Gallery on the second floor of the Mass Communication Building until Dec. 10. The gallery will host a reception for Fox following her lecture on Nov. 13 beginning at 7 p.m. in Room 104 of Mass Comm.

“I am interested in the ways we objectify nature, both positively and negatively,” Fox said. “The dancing, happy pigs used as icons for BBQ joints and meatpacking plants have always struck me as deeply ironic. Plastic animals take us for rides in theme parks and animated versions sell us products. Nature comes to us, viewed through glass windows at the zoo, natural history museums or framed on television. Likewise, the photograph objectifies the world as seen through the lens of the camera. We visit natural history museums for a glimpse of our natural world, a world we often do not experience firsthand.”

Fox received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from MTSU and also holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she teaches graphic design and photography.

Zebra, Naturhistorisches Museum Wein, Vienna, Austria 2008

Zebra, Naturhistorisches Museum Wein, Vienna, Austria 2008

Solo exhibitions of her work have appeared at Erie Art Museum in Pennsylvania; Tower Fine Arts Gallery in Brockport, New York; Greyfriars Art Space in Norfolk, England; Sarratt Gallery in Nashville; Dom Muz Gallery in Torun, Poland; and Santa Reparata Gallery in Florence, Italy. Selected pieces have been exhibited in numerous juried shows including the Los Angeles Center for Digital Photography in Los Angeles; the Camera Club in New York City; the Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama; and Prix de la Photographie in Paris. Selections from “UnNatural History” are cited in Giovanni Aloi’s book Art and Animals and Taxidermy by Alexis Turner published by Thymes and Hudson.

For more information regarding her work, please click here.

Wrapped, Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2006

Wrapped, Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2006



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