Nic Dugger’s TNDV is 2016 Small Business of the Year


Panoramic view of the control room in TNDV’s newest acquisition, a production truck called Exclamation.

In its July 29th edition, the Nashville Business Journal  named TNDV: Television LLC the 2016 Small Business of the Year in the Communications category as well as the Small Business of the Year Overall. Nic Dugger, owner of TNDV and a 2001 alumnus of the Department of Electronic Media Communication (EMC), started the company in 2004.

“We started, grew and flourished thanks to the Nashville community,” Dugger said. “The recent success of our city is something we support and celebrate and intend to cultivate in the work we do.”

TNDV specializes in live sporting events, broadcast entertainment specials and corporate-event productions. Specialty camera systems, including a helicopter drone known as the “Draganfly,” are available as well as single camera production, digital nonlinear editing, web video implementation and voiceover production. The company’s lineup includes over 300 nationwide projects a year and boasts seven Emmy live production wins.

Nic Dugger

Nic Dugger

Dugger is a member of the college’s Board of Trust and is the youngest member to be inducted into the college’s Wall of Fame, an annual honor given to select Media and Entertainment graduates. He often loans his equipment, including his trucks, to EMC students for training. Then, he often hires those students when they graduate.

“Our full-time and contract labor staff is at an all-time high, with 13 on staff and over 30 on regular contract,” he said. “In 2015, we launched our newest, $3.6 million mobile production unit. Our fleet now has its eight member.”

Dugger feels growth for TNDV is inevitable. “Larger buildings, more full-time staff and larger production responsibility would make us proud,” he said.

To read more on TNDV, please click here.

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