Free New York Times a new perq for MTSU education

nytimes-freeWith support from the College of Media and Entertainment and the Honors College, Academic Affairs is providing free electronic access for MTSU faculty, staff and students to the New York Times for the spring semester. The retail value of a digital, non-educational subscription to the New York Times is $240.

“The access is a trial run to see if usage warrants the expense involved,” said Provost Mark Byrnes. “So any feedback — especially about use of the paper in classes — would be appreciated.”

In addition to the regular content of the newspaper, the university has access to archived articles as well as a large library of videos.

“It’s critical that our students have a better understanding of the world around them,” said Ken Paulson, dean of the College of Media and Entertainment. “NYT’s many educational resources and massive video library should prove helpful in [the] classroom.”

Instructions for signing in using an email address:

Step 1: Create your own NY Times account at this URL:
Step 2: Verify your account (you will receive a confirmation email)*
Step 3: Log into your account (on campus and off, if possible)

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