Pioneer tour bus pulls up to Bragg for student learning


Advanced Sound class (left to right): Katia Kuznetsova, Casey Craig, Brandon Riddell, Austin Brown, Tim Milillo, Lorien Cowart, Bradley Nogel, Julian Shank and John Holeman.

A shiny, black tour bus backed up in front of the Bragg Building’s loading dock on Monday, Feb. 20.

The bus, driven by instructor Brett Reeves, served as a learning tool for students in live production courses. Reeves gave tours to classes ranging from the Recording Industry’s Advanced Sound and Concert & Promotion to Theater’s Automated Lighting.

The $1 million tour bus, plus the diesel to drive it to Murfreesboro, was donated by Pioneer Coach. Assistant Professor Frank Baird worked for Pioneer back in the 1990s.

“Pioneer is very active in giving back,” he said. “As a company, they’ve always promoted education.”

Students learned how to load and unload equipment, how to treat your bunk space and, most importantly, to conduct themselves like professionals.

“It’s important to expose live-production students to tour bus etiquette,” Baird said. “All three majors need to be familiar with the concept so they aren’t experiencing it for the first time on the job.”


Theater Authentic Lighting class (left to right): Assistant Professor Frank Baird, Pioneer Coach bus driver Brett Reeves, Cat Hoy, Justus Meek, Andrew Gillihan and Instructor Brian Elliott.


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