Free chocolate lures students to schedule advising


Front row left to right: Advisers Mariahn Watkins, Janae Daniels, Lucille Wilcox. Back row left to right:  Advisers Trever Thomas, Christina Haygood, advising manager Tiffany Milfort, adviser Nancy Stubblefield, executive aide Robin Weinman and adviser Becky Garrett. Adviser Robin Rabiner is not pictured. .

Chocolate2The College of Media and Entertainment’s Advising Center recently held “Chocolate Therapy with the Advising Office” in the Bragg Building’s Main Street. Students flocked by the droves to partake in free chocolate while Tiffany Milfort and her team of advisers booked them for advising appointments well into November.

The two-day event, held from 10 a.m.–3 p.m, provided an opportunity for students to schedule advising appointments for spring courses with an added incentive — free chocolate.

The College of Media and Entertainment Advising Center currently houses nine professional advisers and an administrative assistant, each of them committed to providing the highest level of advising and personal care to ensure that every student in the College meets graduation requirements.

All students are assigned to the adviser specializing in their area, some by last name within the area. For more information, please email the advising center at or call 615-494-7998.

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