MTSU’s future TV pros rack up at Videographer Awards

TV news projects submitted by Mass Comm Multimedia Journalism students received numerous accolades at the 18th Annual Videographer Awards. 

The Videographer Awards, an international competition honoring talented individuals and companies in the video-production field, received 1,500 entries from 12 countries. MTSU students took home the highest honor, the Videographer Award of Excellence, in the newscast and news story categories. Students also were recognized in the public affairs, newscast, and news and information categories, each work receiving the Videographer Award of Distinction. The awards ceremony was this past summer.

Professionals in the video-production field judged the submissions, with assistance from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, a third-party evaluator of creative work. The Videographer Award of Excellence is awarded to those entries whose ability to capture the event or communicate the message is exceptional, while the Award of Distinction is presented for projects that exceed industry standards.

MT10 News is a division of MT10, the Department of Electronic Media’s student television station club.

Videographer Award of Excellence 

MT10 News newscast March 3, 2014 (Newscast category)
Producer: Brett Gilbert; Director: Chris Robertson; Anchors: Emily Kinzer and Brock Howard; Reporters: Chris Davis, Jackson Jones, Amira Alkhiyami and Nikki Diaz; Weather: Darcy Payne; Sports: CJ Eke

MTSU The Bridge: Justice for Holly Part 2 (News Story category)
Reporter: Chris Davis; Producer: Kelsey Lebechuck; Videographer: Brock Howard

Videographer Award of Distinction

MT10 News newscast April 9, 2014 (Newscast category)
Producer: Jeff Reid; Director: Chris Robertson; Anchors: Ansley Helton and John Sloss; Reporters: Chris Davis, Antonio Sloan and Cecilia Herrell; Weather: Phillip Ray; Sports: Brooke Grimsley

MTSU The Bridge: Episode 1 (Public Affairs category)
Executive Producer: Kelsey Lebechuck; Producer: Jennifer Dutton; Director Chris Robertson; Anchors: Emily Kinzer and Chris Davis; Reporters: Bailey Robbins, Claire Osburn, Emily West and Sam Brown; Videographer: Kyle Bates; Photojournalist: Matt Masters

MTSU The Bridge Website (News and Information category)
Emily West



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